Baseball: Delco Carpenter Cup roster revealed

Posted by stoga webmaster on May 30 2014 at 03:27AM PDT

The Delco team for the Carpenter Cup revealed its full roster late Sunday night. Below is the full listing, and a few highlights, by the numbers style.

10 – Schools represented by the final selections.

7 –Penncrest players on the roster, six of whom represent the abundance of riches in the Lions’ class of 2015. Next on the list is Strath Haven with five, then Conestoga with four.

4 – Teams that comprise the seven-strong pitching staff. There are two representatives each from Haven, Conestoga and Penncrest, plus Sun Valley’s CJ Pruitt.

4 – Seniors involved on the team, well under the limit of eight. Two are from Conestoga, plus Haven’s Kevin Mohollen and Penncrest’s Ron DiMatteo.


Dave Moore, So. Strath Haven
CJ Pruitt, Jr. Sun Valley
Ashton Raines, Jr. Strath Haven
Brendon Little, Jr. Conestoga
Tyler Kight, Jr. Penncrest
Rob Brown, Jr. Penncrest
Kyle Stefanic, Sr. Conestoga


Kevin Mohollen, Sr. Strath Haven
Bill McCarthy, Jr. Penncrest


Liam Bendo, Fr. Garnet Valley
Ryne Ogren, Jr. Conestoga
Tom Leonard, Jr. Haverford
Nate Sides, Jr. Penncrest
Andrew Turner, Sr. Conestoga
Ricky Collings, So. Marple Newtown
Sean Menold, Jr. Interboro
Matt Briner, Jr. Penncrest


Steve Moppert, Jr. Penncrest
James Kantner, Jr. Strath Haven
Ben Faso, Jr. Garnet Valley
Corey Ziring, Jr. Strath Haven
Ron DiMatteo, Sr. Penncrest
Jimmy Pisani, Jr. Ridley

Designated Hitters

Sean Corelli, Jr., Radnor
Nick DiGregorio, Jr. Ridley