Freshman Defeat Radnor 13 to 3

Posted by Conestoga baseball on May 01 2019 at 03:16PM PDT

Conestoga Pioneers Freshman opened up an early lead in the first inning when A Vartanian grounded out, scoring one run. Conestoga Pioneers Freshman took the lead for good with three runs in the second inning.

Jack Nudy took the win for Conestoga Pioneers Freshman. He went five innings, allowing three runs on six hits and striking out two. Graham Smith threw one inning in relief out of the bullpen.

Conestoga Pioneers Freshman had 13 hits in the game. AJ Rayer and Shane McCullen each managed multiple hits for Conestoga Pioneers Freshman. Graham Marshall (pictured) went 1 for 1 with a double, a walk and a run scored. Matt Mayock led Conestoga Pioneers Freshman with two stolen bases, as they ran wild on the base paths with 11 stolen bases.

McCullen 2 for 2, 2B, 2B, 1RBI, 1R
Rayer 2 for 2, 2 1B, 1RBI
Gibbs 1 for 2, 2B, 1RBI
Semmer 1 for 1, 2B, 1R
Marshall 1 for 1, 2B, 1BB, 1R
Carew 1 for 4, 1B, 1RBI, 1R
Smith 1 for 1, 1B, 1RBI, 1R
Nudy 1 for 2, 1B, 1BB, 2R
Mayock 1 for 1, 1B, 2R
Vartanian 1 for 2, 1B, 1R
Empoliti 1 for 2, 1B

SP Nudy 5IP, 6H, 3BB, 2K, 3R, 2ER (win)
RP Smith 1IP, 1H, 0BB, 1K, 0R. 0ER

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