Stoga Wins Double Header Against Upper Darby to End League Play for the Season

Posted by Conestoga baseball on May 16 2016 at 04:22PM PDT

Stoga won the first game 16 to 1, and the second game 14 to 4 to wrap up the League regular season. All of the Seniors and their families were honored in the Senior Day activities. The Fat Heads were a big hit. A special thank you to all of the parents that helped with the event; Sheila Czepiel, Kelly Hutchinson, Halli Marcus, Anita Borger, Karen Lambert, Alix Mayock, Kim Buck and Audrey Kese.

A very special thank you to Lisa Coggins for coming out to the field and bringing her famous “Mrs. Coggins Cookies” for the boys!

Bierstaker 3IP 2K,2BB, 4H
Miller 1 for 2, BB, RBI
Fogarty 2 for 2, HR,BB, 2RBIs
Mayock 1 for 1,BB
Heron 1 for 1, BB, 2RBIs
Motley 1 for 1, BB
Czepiel 1 for 1 HR,BB,3RBIs

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Mayock 5IP, 6K, 4H(Win)
Lee 2 for 3,2B,HBP
Miller 1 for 2,2B,2BB,1RBI
Motley 2 for 4,HR,2RBIs
Czepiel 1 for 2, SAC, RBI

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